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A Level Biology

Biology is the science of life.

It involves the study of a wide range of exciting topics, ranging from molecular biology to the study of ecosystems and from microorganisms to mammoths. Biology is regularly in the news.

You will need to have an interest in the living world around us. You should be someone who is willing to take charge of their own learning and is able to apply their knowledge to unknown situations. It will be assumed for the purpose of teaching that students will have acquired a good grade at GCSE either separate sciences of dual award.

Biology is a great choice of subject for people who want a career in health and clinical professions, such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, physiotherapy, pharmacy, optometry, nursing, zoology, marine biology or forensic science.

The Biology Specification (2015) is made up of six compulsory units.

These units include:

  • Development of practical skills in biology – skills of planning, implementing, analysis and evaluation.
  • Foundations in biology – cell structure, biological molecules, and cell division.
  • Exchange and transport – exchange surfaces, transport in animals and transport in plants.
  • Biodiversity, evolution and disease – The immune system, biodiversity and evolution.
  • Communication homeostasis and energy – Communication and homeostasis, excretion, photosynthesis and respiration.
  • Genetics, evolution and ecosystems –cellular control, inheritance, biotechnology and ecosystems.

You should spend some time researching the Biology Specification before making a decision about whether it is the right subject for you. All prospective students are invited and encouraged to attend our Open Days/Evening where members of the Biology department will be on hand to give you more information and answer any questions about the course.