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A Level Business Studies

A Level Business Studies


Degrees in business and management are among the most popular among students.

The focus of these degrees is to prepare students for working within all organisations and to gain a greater understanding of how organisations operate - what they do, their styles of management and their business strategies and how they are formulated. Marketing degrees look more closely at understanding consumer behaviour – from understanding the psychology of advertising, to developing a grasp of how the economic climate impacts particular sectors.

A number of key skills will be developed throughout the course. With group work a key part of learning in business you will have built up your teamwork and leadership skills, and be able to demonstrate your ability to consider all things related to establishing your own business and marketing a product.

The nature of business degrees and the practical experience that you will gain will mean you are well placed to get a job in the City or in one of the top companies that recruit graduates for their annual programmes. These graduate schemes should give you a good general grounding in business and the chance to focus on a particular area, such as human resources, or finance or marketing.

Topics Covered

The topics that you will cover are focused on the four main functional areas of all businesses.

They include:

  • Finance (using financial data to measure and assess performance)
  • Marketing (Analysing markets and selecting marketing strategies)
  • Human Resources (Developing and implementing workforce planning and reviewing employee relations)
  • Operations (investigating operational strategies such as innovation, multi-site location and lean production)


AQA A Level Business Studies is assessed via three separate examinations as detailed below:

Paper 1: Business 1

  • Written exam: 2 hours
  • 100 marks in total
  • 33.3% of A-level marks

Three compulsory sections:

  • Section A has 15 multiple choice questions (MCQs) worth 15 marks.
  • Section B has short answer questions worth 35 marks.
  • Sections C and D have two essay questions (choice of one from two) worth 25 marks each.

Paper 2: Business 2

  • Written exam: 2 hours
  • 100 marks in total
  • 33.3% of A-level marks

Three data response compulsory questions worth approximately 33 marks each and made up of three or four part questions.

Paper 3: Business 3

  • Written exam: 2 hours
  • 100 marks in total
  • 33.3% of A-level marks

One compulsory case study

All three papers will be sat at the end of the two year course.