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A Level Geography

A Level Geography

Key Stage 5

There has never been a better or more important time to study Geography.

With growing interest in issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation and social cohesion.

Geography is one of the most relevant courses you could choose to study. Geographers are also highly employable. Whatever your passion for the world, fascination with landscapes or concerns about inequality, geography will provide you with knowledge and transferable skills that will reward you personally and advance you professionally.

We follow the Edexcel A’Level specification which is made up of four units:

  • Paper 1 – this includes the physical geography aspect of the course including tectonic processes and hazards, coastal landscapes and change, the water cycle and the carbon cycle. Contemporary case studies are used throughout the unit to emphasise the impact that physical landscapes have on humans and the environment.
  • Paper 2 – the human geography section of the course includes topics on globalisation, regenerating places, superpowers and a focus on migration, identify and sovereignty. Using geography we explore how global decision makers have an impact on the lives of people around the world.
  • Paper 3 – this is the synoptic element of the course that includes an unseen resource booklet-linked questions are given. As it’s a synoptic unit it draws on knowledge from all the sections of the specifications, but has a main focus on players, attitudes and actions and futures and uncertainties in a geographical question.
  • NEA – this is the independent investigation where students are required to create their own hypothesis that they research, create methods, analyse data and reach conclusions. This will involve a 4 day residential. In the past we’ve visited Swanage Bay, Dorset where our focus has been on coastal landscapes.
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A Level Geography