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A Level Media

A Level Media

In the Media department we take an academic approach and hope to instil the students with a passion for the subject and an independent mind set, readying them either for a career in the Media industry itself or in higher education.

AS Media Curriculum

Students study the following topics:

  • advertising and marketing
  • magazines
  • video games.
  • television
  • music video
  • film industries
  • radio
  • newspapers
  • online, social and participatory media.

From the perspective of the four main areas of study:

1. Media language

2. Media representation

3. Media industries

4. Media audiences

How it's assessed

  • Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 112 marks
  • 70% of AS

Non-exam assessment: creating a media product

Coursework Unit

  • Application of knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework.
  • Ability to create media products

How it's assessed

  • A choice of topics related to the over arching, annually changing theme
  • 60 marks
  • 30% of AS


Students produce:

• a statement of intent

• a media product made for an intended audience.

A2 Media Curriculum

In the current A2 programme of study students study the following:

Term 1+2 = Media Theory

Term 3+4 = Media Theory and Case Studies for the exam

Term 5= Revision for the exam


50% of the A-Level

2000 word essay on a media topic of their choice

An accompanying Media product that links to their essay topic

For additional information on the new specification please follow this link