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A Level Philosophy – AQA

The word ‘Philosophy’ translates to the love of knowledge. Philosophers embark on an exciting journey in search of truth in an ever changing world. Philosophy asks the most fundamental and deepest questions, for example: Who am I? How am I connected to the world? How do I know what is true? Was the world created with design? What makes something right or wrong?

In asking these questions we explore and critique the arguments of philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, and seek to create our own arguments based upon sound logic and evidence. Philosophy is one of the oldest disciplines and has engaged some of the greatest thinkers and leaders since the beginning of time. It is less of a subject but more of a way of thinking - a way of questioning. It is an excellent subject to study alongside humanities, arts and sciences.

Paper 1: Epistemology and moral philosophy


  • What is knowledge?
  • Perception as a source of knowledge
  • Reason as a source of knowledge
  • The limits of knowledge

Moral philosophy

  • Normative ethical theories
  • Applied ethics
  • Meta-ethics

Paper 2: Metaphysics of God and metaphysics of the mind

Metaphysics of God

  • The concept and nature of God
  • Arguments relating to the existence of God
  • Religious language

Metaphysics of the mind

  • What do we mean by mind?
  • Dualist theories
  • Physicalist theories
  • Functionalism

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For more information on the Religious Studies and Philosophy curriculum, please contact Ms Qamar: a.qamar@habstrustsouth.org.uk 


A Level Philosophy