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Why do Homework?

Homework is an opportunity to consolidate, challenge and extend the learning that has happened in the classroom. It should develop students’ skills and knowledge as well as helping them to become independent and self-motivated learners.

The aim of homework is to promote learning beyond the College day as an essential part of good education. Homework not only reinforces classroom learning; it also helps students to develop the skills and attitudes that they need for successful lifelong learning as well as developing the essential skills required for academic success.      


All students from Years 7 to 13 are given a log-in to an online platform called Firefly, where all homework tasks are set and other subject announcements shared. 

Homework is not set as projects but as discrete activities and tasks. Firefly will state clearly the deadline by which homework needs to be completed. Even though homework is shared on Firefly, it is still explained in the classroom so that students understand the purpose of the homework tasks. 

Parents are asked to look at the homework tasks set on Firefly with their child, especially if they are in Years 7-9, to monitor completion of homework and inform the child’s teacher if an issue arises. As co-educators, parents should also ensure that their child is given the space and opportunity to complete the work set.    

Timetabling and setting of homework

Key Stage 3: Years 7-9 

  • Homework is set once a week in every subject, except for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, where homework is set every fortnight.
  • Homework is set twice a week in English and Mathematics.
  • Students are advised to spend approximately 30 minutes on each homework activity. Sometimes tasks will take longer.

Key Stage 4: Years 10-11 

  • Homework is set once a week for all GCSE courses, with each homework lasting 45 - 60 minutes.
  • In Science, where classes are split between specialists for each discrete science, homework may be set over two weeks.
  • In Year 11, homework is set more often, up to 2 hours per subject each week, especially as students approach GCSE final examinations.
  • Where students are preparing for exams, revision may be set for homework; however, they are given structured, targeted guidance and materials on what and how to revise. 

Key Stage 5: Years 12 - 13 

  • Students are expected to study independently for at least 5 hours per subject each week.
  • Teachers will set homework tasks for this independent study but students are also expected to carry out their own research, reading and revision. 

If parents have any concerns

Parents are strongly encouraged to follow their child’s homework through Firefly.

If parents have any concerns about homework, they should contact the relevant subject teacher in the first instance. Thereafter they should contact the head of subject. If the concern is about homework in a range of subjects contact the form tutor in the first instance, including if parents need to confirm a child’s log-in for Firefly