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Key Stage 3: years 7-9

In order to ensure that our young people experience a broad and balanced curriculum in which students are introduced to ‘the best that has been thought and said’, and develop ‘an appreciation of human creativity and achievement’ we provide a three-year Key Stage 3 in which students have access to a full range of subjects. Students then make their choices for Key Stage 4 during Year 9, beginning the study of GCSE courses at the start of Year 10.


Key Stage 4: Years 10-11

All our young people study for 9 GCSE or equivalent qualifications. Some students, including the most able who study separate science and those taking a community language, work towards 10 GCSE or equivalent qualifications. Students are entered for community language qualifications in addition to their options subjects. With regard to the curriculum on offer to all young people, in addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, our students have four additional subjects at Key Stage 4 which they choose within the context of the principles below.


The Ebacc is the root of a broad and balanced curriculum. Our aim is to have the Ebacc at the heart of our curriculum, in line with the Department for Education’s ambition, so that at least 75% of our cohort each year are entered for this suite of subjects (English, Mathematics, Sciences, Geography or History, and a language). Therefore, all our young people are required to choose History or Geography at GCSE and, for those for whom it is right and who will succeed, a modern foreign language. We share clear expectations with students and families when they apply to join us so that during their journey through Key Stage 3, young people understand that they will be continuing the study of these subjects all the way up to GCSE.


Beyond the Ebacc, we also offer a range of other subjects from the creative and expressive arts, other humanities subjects, subjects such as Computing and also vocational qualifications. We guide our young people to choose a range of subjects that keep their options open for as long as possible and, in recognising the cultural capital and social, moral and spiritual contribution of individual subjects, that ensures they develop as well-rounded individuals with ‘the essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens’.


We offer a range of qualifications at Key Stage 4 to suit the needs of all our learners. Our aim is that young people are entered for GCSE qualifications, but in those subjects where we are able to offer a high-quality and appropriate vocational equivalent we will offer both options to young people. For example, students might be able select either GCSE Physical Education or BTEC Sport, GCSE Economics or BTEC Business. We use a range of information, such as prior attainment data and teacher assessment, as well discussion with the young person, to determine the most appropriate course and qualification.


We expect all our students to stay with us in our Sixth Form and therefore we offer a wide range of subjects at post-16 to ensure all students have a progression route at Hatcham College towards the destination of their choice. Please see the Sixth Form pages for more information about post-16 courses.


Please find the link to our 2020 curriculum and assessment map below. This is updated every year.

Curriculum and Assessment Map