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Key Stage 3

Drama at KS3 is an exciting opportunity to participate in practical workshops taught by subject specialists with industry experience.

Each double period allows for a variety of rehearsal techniques to be applied to the topic or theme being taught. Each lesson features problem solving, discussion, group work, rehearsal, performance and evaluation.

Extra-curricular or Enrichment Activities include:

A Year 7 trip to the professional theatre, The Junior Drama Festival for Year 8 and Year 9 in which each of the four Hatcham houses performs a short play created and rehearsed over an intensive two day period in the autumn term and performed over two nights to the public. Later in the year there are opportunities to audition for the Middle School Production in spring and opportunities to audition for the college musical in summer.

The main aim at KS3 is to develop the child’s love of drama and to provide a refreshing and alternative learning experience which is different to the regular classroom. The student will also develop life skills which will assist them throughout college life and beyond for example communication, collaboration, evaluation and professionalism.

  Year 7
Term 1 An introduction to drama via the mystery story of Mr Fox.
Term 2  Exploring friendship through role play and improvisation.
Term 3 Environmental issues, pollution and responsibility explored through character and story work.
Term 4 Moral Dilemma’s investigated and tested through drama games and scenes.
Term 5 and 6  An extended project on A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM by William Shakespeare.
  Year 8
Term 1 Mental health issues explored through role play and characterisation.
Term 2 Melodrama. Victorian style theatre and acting.
Term 3 and 4 An extended project on THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare.
Term 5

Historical drama. An investigation into The Wreck of The Mignonette.

Term 6 Devising original drama from a stimulus. Ideal preparation for GCSE thinking and choices.
  Year 9
Term 1 “I don’t like Monday’s”. An investigation into the phenomenon of high school shootings.
Term 2 The Holocaust. Historical drama based on WW2. This cross connects with Y9 History.
Term 3 and 4 An extended project on STONE COLD by Robert Swindells. A play about homelessness.
Term 5 Silent Movie and Comedy. Developing mime and physical theatre skills from the birth of motion pictures.
Term 6 Devising original drama from a stimulus. Ideal preparation for GCSE drama and a culmination of all skills taught at KS3.

The GCSE with AQA is exciting, interesting and challenging. Drama is a theoretical and practical subject that includes a 1 Hour 45 minute written exam at the end of year 11. The exam is open book and worth 80 marks/40% of GCSE and will cover the set text play we have studied and the students response to a live theatre production we have seen together as a class in year 11. Students are assessed on their knowledge and understanding of how drama and theatre is developed and performed.

Year 10 will consist of creating a devised piece of drama for public performance. Students may contribute as performer or designer but they must analyse and evaluate their work in a written devising log. This is also worth 80 marks/40% of GCSE. Students are assessed on their ability to create and develop ideas to communicate meaning for theatrical performance, apply theatrical skills to realise artistic intentions and analyse and evaluate their own work.

Year 10 will also include the public performance of two extracts from one play that contrasts to the set text play. Students may contribute as performer or designer. This is worth 50 marks/20% of GCSE. Students are assessed on their ability to apply theatrical skills to realise artistic intentions in live performance.

This new GCSE will suit those students who have a genuine interest in the theatre, drama and the performing arts. If the student has enjoyed being in The Junior Drama Festival, the school play, college musical or takes part in drama activities outside of school then this is a course that they will enjoy. It is a big step up from KS3 Drama as it includes a substantial written element throughout the two years but all written work relates to the practical work that the students undertake.