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English Staff List



Miss S Millar Curriculum Director of English
Mr D Hickey 2ic English
Ms M King KS5 English Lead
Mr C Benson Teacher of English
Mrs S Choudhury Teacher of English and HOY 13

Miss J Ewhieberene

Teacher of English and Deputy HOY

Mr N Gardner Teacher of English and Vice Principal
Ms R Heatley Teacher of English
Mr G Hurst Teacher of English
Mr J O'Neill Teacher of English
Mr O Vilas Teacher of English

How to support your child in English

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, we aim to develop a deep appreciation of literature and language through the study of challenging and inspiring texts. We equip students with the means to express themselves with accuracy, fluency and creativity through the written and spoken word. Students analyse and write in a wide range of forms, including essays, letters, speeches, descriptions and narratives. Emphasis is placed on the mastery of sophisticated vocabulary, punctuation and grammar. Students are well prepared for the rigours of KS4 English Literature and Language study.

KS3 English Reading List

Key Stage 4

Courses Studied

AQA GCSE English Language (8700)

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AQA GCSE English Literature (8702)

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Exam Texts

Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Priestley’s An Inspector Calls and the AQA Power and Conflict Poetry Anthology.

Please refer to the Curriculum Map which details when the relevant units are studied.