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Lower School Welcome

Lower School Welcome

Hear from our Year 7 and Year 8 students 

Year 7 Students

My experience at Hatcham College has exceeded my expectations. I’ve made many friends so far and all the teachers and staff are such a delight to work with. English is my favourite subject because at the moment, we are reading Oliver Twist. The language that was used years ago is fascinating to read. As well as this, Charles Dickens had made this book for others to have an idea of what the workhouse was like. This is helpful for modern day education and for children to learn about the 19th Century.





Since I joined this September, Hatcham College, has been a welcoming experience. In PE, we have recently been learning table tennis and it has been really interesting and fun, the sports facilities and playing fields are amazing. My favourite sport is basketball and I can’t wait to be able to play this again and learn in greater detail from the PE teachers.






Settling into Hatcham College has been amazing. I’ve really enjoyed making new friends and having new lessons. It has been great. PE has been such an enjoyable subject because it really tests your physical capability and allows us to improve. It is the fun and enthusiasm that the teachers put into the lessons that makes it so fun. English is certainly one of my favourite subjects. It was my favourite subject at Primary and now Secondary School. Learning within lessons has given me such a joy, from grammar to reading new books and writing stories. I have found that Hatcham College is now a place I can call a second home.





My first experience at Hatcham College has been exciting because its such a big school with lots of new and exciting things to do and learn. I have really enjoyed English because I feel it has given me more confidence and improved my writing skills. We are a school that you can find your place in and enjoy!






I have really enjoyed my time so far at Hatcham College. I’ve really enjoyed Biology because the teachers are really nice and go into detail with their lessons. They also go through any work which we might not understand at first and find ways which help us. I think that on the uniform front, it has been really good because I was nervous that I wouldn’t have the right uniform at the beginning and I would get into trouble but the school understands about what it’s like for parents and children. There is something comforting about knowing what I have to wear each day removing my worries.




My time here has been very fun because I have made new friends and also I arrived here with friends from my Primary School. The building was a little confusing because it is big and I wasn’t sure about where to go for my lessons at first but teachers are always here to help. My family have all attended Hatcham College, so I knew I was going to be okay and enjoy it even though it seemed daunting. My favourite subject is Physics because I really enjoy learning about forces. I am looking forward to the Science experiments as I have never been in a science laboratory before.




My time here at Hatcham College has been better than I expected, I always thought secondary school was going to be a scary place, so I was very nervous to start. But my experience here has been very different to what I had expected. The moment I stepped into the school and saw the bright faces of the teachers and a warm welcome from everyone all my worries disappeared. My favourite subject has been Physics and Biology because I enjoy learning about science and how everything works. I am really interested in diving in and finding out more which may seem simple to the human eye until you dig deeper. I enjoy learning about cells, the forces and electricity These are all topics which have been taught in more depth than when I was at Primary School.




It’s been fantastic here because I have met new friends as well as new teachers. It was hard finding yourself in the school at first because its BIG. I got lost on my first day but I found my class. There are always teachers and students here who can help you find your way.  My sisters all attended Hatcham College and have really enjoyed being here. They have all had difference experiences and I cannot wait to see how mine is going to be.





Year 8 Students  

My first day here at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College was a little bit scary because the buildings were so big and perplexing, but once you get used to the different buildings and rooms it’s not that worrying. I used to go to Hatcham Temple Grove It was a big step from going to Primary School to Secondary School, there were so many changes, but as I already mentioned you will get used to it. Going to a new school gives you an opportunity to make new friends. To be honest, it wasn’t that difficult making new friends because most of the people in the school went to my Primary School. There are so many clubs that you could attend to learn new creative things like: football club, art club and many more. Just like in my Primary School, music is a very strong part of our school and you get the chance to learn and play new instruments. Overall, our school is great and I am sure you will enjoy the secondary journey!




Arriving at Hatcham College was incredibly nerve wracking; being a completely new school, environment and community. It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been though, as most of my Year 6 class had gone with me, which was a huge relief. When I first arrived, I couldn’t believe the size of the school, as it was so much bigger than my Primary School. On my first day, most of the other students who went there where warm and friendly, so it wasn’t hard to make friends. Everyone was in the same boat and it is important to remember that.  After the first week I knew my timetable and the whole of Hatcham College. My Favourite subjects are History and Music. History is so incredibly entertaining in this school, especially with my History teachers. They let us re-enact stories. In Music we have recently taken up a band project, which is very fun as we are taught about what it is like to work in the Music industry.

I also took part in the junior drama festival which is an extra-curricular activity and I highly recommended it. I took part in a play with my house Dyson (Red). We performed “Noughts and crosses” by Malorie Blackman. 



The day you find out what secondary school you are going to is a BIG DAY. When I found out I was going to Hatcham College I was happy and relieved the wait was over, because it was a school that I really wanted to go to. In the first week it was nerve-wracking because you don’t necessarily know how is all going to work. We participated in treasure hunts round the school to get to know people and a tour of the school. Once you are placed into classes, you spend a lot of time with people and make friends quickly.

There are lots of reasons to like being at Hatcham College. The teachers at Askes help us be the best we can, and there are lots of clubs for anything you are interested in, like Mr Lucas in Comedy Club. The teachers always expect your best work and make it a challenge, but doable. If you are into sports, there is football, basketball and lots more, and the facilities are impressive. We have a huge playing field. There is also music and drama which you can take lessons in and audition for plays, which I like.

My advice is to be you, don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are lots of different people who are always willing to help. Most of all have fun, there is lots to enjoy.




I was a little apprehensive before I started Year 7, because nobody from my primary school was going to Hatcham College.  At the beginning, the school building felt like a maze, but many of the older children and staff were very understanding and helped the Year 7’s find our way around the building and get to lessons as fast as possible. By the end of the first week, I had already made lots of new friends. I was lucky to gain entrance into Hatcham College via a music scholarship, as I don’t live within the local area.  As part of securing a music place I decided to take advantage of the wide range of different musical instruments the school had to offer and learn a new one. I switched from learning a brass instrument at primary school, to learning a string instrument (Violin) at Hatcham College. .

In addition to music, the school also has many other enrichment classes to offer and I attend the girls Football club, where I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the Year 7 girl’s football team representing Hatcham against other schools. There’s definitely something here for everyone!



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