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Hatcham College

Meet our College Leadership

Please click on the staff photographs below to learn more about our team.

  • Seema Solani
  • James Heafield
    Vice Principal (Achievement & Standards)
  • Nathan Gardner
    Vice Principal (Curriculum & Assessment)
  • Mark Kemp
    Vice Principal (Learning & Progress)
  • Mary Williams
    Business Manager
  • Theo Shenbanjo
    Deputy Business Manager (& Careers Guidance Service)
  • Emma Fearnley
    Assistant Principal (Quality of Teaching)
  • John Deane
    Assistant Principal (Key Stage 4 Raising Standards)

  • Dan Crowley
    Senior Teacher (Head of Sixth Form)
  • Hattie Nevins
    Senior Teacher (Conduct & Pastoral)
  • Beth Davis
    Senior Teacher (Teacher Training & Director of Mathematics)
  • Radhika Vilas
    Curriculum Director of Science
  • Robert Stott
    Curriculum Director of English
  • Alex Dottridge
    Director of Music
  • Aruma Naeem
    Director of Vocational Pathways
  • Emily Brickell
    Director of SEND and Inclusion
  • Alex Sampson
    Head of Year 7
  • Elle George
    Head of Year 8
  • Elia Johns-Whiddett
    Head of Year 9
  • Jordan Rowling
    Head of Year 10
  • Sami Zeglam
    Head of Year 11
  • Shafia Choudhury
    Head of Year 12
  • Chris Allum
    Head of Year 13