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Music Specialism

Music Specialism

Music Specialism 

In September 2005 Hatcham College adopted music as our main specialism. The music specialism affects every student at Aske’s, and all students are given the opportunity to benefit from its vibrant music tradition. We aim to ensure that every student sees themselves as a musician by offering an innovative, inclusive and broad music curriculum. This includes music technology across all key stages, a specifically designed band project for all year 7s that gives them the opportunity to learn instrumental skills on guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals before forming bands and experiencing the joy of making music together and honing their ensemble skills. 

Music has always flourished in the Academy, and we are continually moving from strength to strength and pushing our standards ever higher. Maintaining high standards generates the feeling that high achievement is the norm. It also raises the self-esteem of students involved, and this is celebrated by their peers.

The Music Department continually strives to raise the profile of music within the College through weekly extended curricular clubs that offer all students the chance to take part. These include three different choirs, orchestras, Jazz Band, string ensemble, Music Production and Samba. These are supported by regular performance opportunities, which displays student excellence and generates excitement and enthusiasm, both within and outside school. 

Apply for a Music Specialism Place by Monday 21st September 2020

For more information about our music department, please use the links below:

If you require more information, please contact our Head of Music, Mr Dottridge - a.dottridge@haaf.org.uk