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Welcoming M&C Saatchi to Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham College

Welcoming M&C Saatchi to Hatcham College

Welcoming M&C Saatchi to Hatcham College

We are thrilled to host Laima Petrauskite, Graphic from M&C Saatchi in our recent Year 12 Assembly. Laima was promoting M&C Saatchi's Carbon Academy. Carbon Academy is a unique creative mentor programme with M&C Saatchi and in partnership with University of Greenwhich. The Academy enables a diverse range of female, and identifying as female to experience working with a creative advertising agency.

The successful student will then embark on a six month creative journey experiencing a wide range of cultural events, developing a portfolio of industry relevant work and enabling the students to make informed choices about study and work in the creative industries. A work experience day at M&C Saatchi will also be included in the programme.


If you're interested in using your creativity in a different industry, you've got plenty of options. Careers in areas ranging from art & design, media and business to engineering call for creativity along with other skills such as commercial awareness, teamwork and problem solving and this is why the creative industries have continued to power the growth of the UK's workforce, there are an estimated 2,040,000 people who are employed in creative jobs. Employment in the UK creative industries is growing at four times the rate of the UK workforce as a whole and this is why it is a great area for students to keep in mind. Please click here for more information about the numerous jobs available in Art & Design, Media & Internet and Marketing, Advertising and PR


If your son/daughter was unable to attend the Assembly, they can still connect with employers and find out more about the large number of opportunities on offer by speaking to Mr Shenbanjo or emailing t.shenbanjo@haaf.org.uk