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Welcome from the Executive Principal

A warm welcome to you all from Haberdashers’ Hatcham College

At Haberdashers’ Hatcham College, students experience an education both steeped in tradition and innovation; one that creates opportunities that are unique and wide-ranging. Our curriculum, within and beyond the classroom, ensures all students develop personally, as well as academically. Developing ‘currency’ (qualifications), as well as character and confidence, prepares them for a life that is purposeful and fulfilling, whatever their individual ambitions and talents.

We ensure that all of our students are fully supported in making applications to the world’s best universities, or to pursuing meaningful and successful pathways into continued education or employment when they leave us. This means that our teaching and learning, as well our as academic and pastoral support, is highly personalised to deliver strong outcomes.

However, we also recognise that lifelong happiness and success lie in diverse places. What is clear in a rapidly-changing world is that those who do well, relish learning for its own sake. Successful people draw upon a strong body of knowledge and skills with relentless curiosity; sensitive to the wonder of the world around them, and eager to use their talents to the service of others in our local community, country and indeed wider world.

That is why a Haberdashers’ education will also offer you exciting opportunities to flourish outside of the classroom. Through our extensive network, we provide the chance to develop skills in public speaking, networking, work experience and provide you with the connections to ensure that you graduate ready to successfully navigate the competitive world of employment. Student leadership gives you meaningful ways to develop concrete leadership skills.

 We are proud to be educating tomorrow’s lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, engineers, explorers, artists, historians, teachers, public servants and many more besides. We look forward to you joining us on that journey.


Ms K Scott | Executive Principal

Ms H Kennedy | Assistant Principal (Sixth Form)

We are delighted to be part of the Federation that has been serving schools since 1876. Although the educational landscape and the way schools are organised are constantly changing, the foundations of Hatcham College and its long-standing traditions, have not. Our motto, “Serve and obey” should be brought into the modern age and as I say to our young people, “We serve our community and obey our conscience”. 

At the heart of our students' education lies the College and Federation’s core values of aspiration and achievement, personal responsibility, self-discipline and mutual respect.

We are very fortunate to have the interest and support of many members including the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, our Federation, The Local Governing Body chaired by William Macpherson, the Alumni (Boys and Girls) and our Parent Association, Friends of Hatcham College. They all play a vital role in not only holding us to account but providing us with both regular challenge and support. Not many schools can claim such an alliance and I am grateful for all the work we have done together during my time here making Hatcham College an even stronger provider for our students. We all want the very best for them.

As parents, carers and students we value your contributions and I welcome an open dialogue with you. Staff and I wish to see our students be the best version of themselves wherever their talents and interests may take them. Our recent musical auditions involved over 100 children from across the College. As Music Specialist College, we also pride ourselves on opening doors for sport, drama, languages and computing. The Haberdasher’s Advantage provides our students with a wide range of networking, professional and innovative events to be part of.

I believe that our students will in time influence and shape progress in economic, scientific, environmental, spiritual, artistic and digital advances in our own country and around the world in years to come.

The Head of Sixth Form, Hatcham Leadership Team, Heads of Years, Subject Teachers, Support Staff and Student Leadership Team all work together to make our Sixth Form an enjoyable and a caring one. However, we also maintain that we are a Sixth Form that wants the very best for our students academically. We wish to see all of our students flourish and hope that they build fulfilling and happy memories of their time at Hatcham College that will remain with them forever.


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