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Pupils should aim for a consistently high attendance rate; the target is a minimum of 97% for all pupils over the course of the academic year

The Academy must be informed of any unavoidable absence by means of a phone-call or e-mail before 9:00am on the day of absence, followed by a letter to the class teacher/form tutor when the pupil returns.

Medical or dental appointments should not be made during school hours, including Enrichment times, unless this is absolutely unavoidable. An appointment card or note should be presented to the class teacher/form tutor beforehand if this is the case.

A child who is late will be expected to attend a Late Detention with their Head of Year. Parents will be informed by text and it is therefore important that the school has the most up to date mobile numbers.  Any pupil who feels ill during School hours must report to their site office. Pupils may not go home without permission from their Head of Year, Head of Key Stage or member of Hatcham Leadership Team (HLT), and under normal circumstances, pupils will not be allowed home unaccompanied

Excellent attendance is the expectation at Hatcham College. The expectation is that students attend every day unless they are unwell, in which case Parents or carers are expected to contact the school before 9:00 am on each morning of the absence.

To report an absence please contact our Attendance Officer on (0)20 7652 9510 or email: hatchamattendance@habstrustsouth.org.uk

To report an absence for Sixth Form students, please contact Ms Davis on (0)20 7652 9510 or email: h.sixthformattendance@habstrutsouth.org.uk

Leave of Absence

Term time holidays will not be authorised. 

The Government has made it clear that schools should not authorise any leave of absence during term time unless there are very exceptional circumstances.

If a parent/carer wants leave of absence for their child, they should seek permission well in advance. Letters regarding leave should be addressed to ‘The Academy Principal’.
We reserve the right to refer specific unauthorised absences to our Education Welfare Service, who may deem it appropriate to issue a fixed penalty notice.

If parents have any concerns about attendance or lateness please do not hesitate to contact the Attendance Officer or your child’s Head of Year. We are here to help!