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Learning Resource Centre

Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) 

Access to the libraries is limited 

Due to COVID-19 safety measures, access to our libraries is currently limited.

The Jerningham site library is open to Year 7 8 and 9 on a rota system.

The Pepys site library is open to Year 12 students only as it is housed in the Year 12 bubble 

However students in years 10, 11 and 13 can borrow books simply by emailing their requests to Hahhatchamlrc@haaf.org.uk

You can browse the Hatcham library catalogue by clicking this linkLibrary Catalogue

The Libraries are an integral and valued part of life at Hatcham College. 

Each site (the lower school and upper school) has its own library, with books and learning material carefully curated to support students throughout all stages of their learning. Both LRCs have a wide range of non-fiction books, study guides and text books that complement students’ lessons. We also have an exciting and up-to-date variety of fiction that ensures that there’s something for everyone. Reading for pleasure is of course an important principal we hold dear.

We host a variety of events in the LRC including writing competitions, author visits, quizzes and live poetry reading.  We display children's work and encourage their participation in many activities. We believe reading should be fun and, above all else, we want the LRC to be a place where students can enjoy choosing books that interest them – a key way in which libraries can help students cultivate reading for pleasure. We celebrate and highlight many important events every year, World Book Day and National Poetry Day and many more and ensure the Library remains a forum for debate, creativity and ideas.   We believe that a love of literacy is the foundation of all knowledge.

Opening times (access is currently limited) 

Monday – Friday 8.00am – 4.00pm

  • You can borrow up to 3 books for up to 3 weeks and 1 DVD. 
  • Books may be renewed if you need longer to read them.
  • DVDs must be returned the following day – OVERNIGHT LOAN only.

The Librarians

Ms Lanham Library Manager k.lanham@haaf.org.uk

Ms Cadogan Library Assistant 




All students and staff have access to Eclipse  (The Library Management System) from school or their home computers or tablets enabling them to search for books, read and write reviews, download ebooks and access websites that are chosen for their suitability to school age.

You can access Eclipse by clicking on this text.

Reading Lists

To help you decide what to read next we've prepared some helpful reading lists which you’ll find on Eclipse.

The LRC staff are always happy to recommend books so if you’re not sure what to read next just ask us!