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Uniform, PE Kit and Equipment

Our uniform at Haberdashers’ Hatcham College is emblematic of the expectations we hold of our pupils. We have high expectations of our pupils in every regard. We want our pupils to feel proud to wear our uniform, fostering a sense of belonging, loyalty and commitment to our College community.

Our College uniform is part of our identity as Haberdashers and pupil should be proud to wear it. Our uniform policy encourages a sense of pride, belonging, loyalty and commitment to the community of which all pupils are members.

 Secondary College uniform

Most items in the uniform lists are available from a range of high street shops, supermarkets and online suppliers. A limited number of items, which incorporate the Haberdashers’ Crest or other specific designs, are only available from our uniform suppliers.

Uniform suppliers

College Supplier Contact details
Hatcham College Uniform Wearabouts

Link to website

99 Sydenham Rd, London SE26 5UA

020 8659 9917

Hatcham College PE Kit Wearabouts 

 Link to website

99 Sydenham Rd, London SE26 5UA

020 8659 9917

Year 7 to 11 uniform

Item Description  Further requirements
Blazers College blazer with Haberdashers’ Crest as supplied by our uniform suppliers.

• To be kept in a smart, clean appearance and worn during the day as well as to and from the College, unless directed otherwise by staff.

• Sleeves worn at full length, not rolled up

• Only College issued badges, or those that promote similar values, to be worn on the blazer.


Blue pleated skirt


(Prior to September 2022 students wore a charcoal grey shirt however this is now being phased out, it is only permitted for students currently in Y9 to Y11)

• Students who choose to wear skirts must wear them at knee length and not shortened by rolling them up around their waist.
Shirt Plain white (short or long sleeved)

• The shirt should always be tucked in, buttoned to the top.

• No designer shirts or fitted blouses or white polo tops.

Trousers Charcoal Grey

• Trousers should not be boot cut or tight fitting.

• No jeans, washed black, corduroy, jean-like material, high fashion trouser or leggings.

• Trousers should be worn with a secure fit around the waist.

• Belts should be plain black, not oversized buckles

• Tailored, grey or navy knee length shorts will be allowed in the summer term of 2023 on a trial basis.

• Students who choose to wear trousers must wear them around their waist

Tie College tie only (in house colours) • Ties must be worn with a neat knot covering the top button and with the Haberdashers’ crest clearly visible below the know. The tie should be 7 stripes long/waist length.
Jumpers Official Haberdashers’ Vneck jumper with crest (optional)

• No other jumpers may be worn.

• Blazers must still be worn on top of jumpers.

• Jumpers are not to be tied at the back.

Socks Plain black or white socks.
Tights Plain black tights only (not leggings) • No patterns, fishnet or accessorised tights.
Shoes Plain black leather only

• Not suede or casual style.

• No boots (covering ankles) or trainers.

• Shoes must fully cover toes

Shorts Grey tailored shorts

Summer Uniform is optional

Summer Dress Blue gingham summer dress

Summer Uniform is optional


Religious dress

 Some families may wish their pupils to wear amended uniform for reasons of religious belief. The following items of religious dress are already permitted:

Head Scarf Plain navy, black or white only (if worn for religious reasons)
Shalwar Kameez a pupil may wear a plain black Shalwar Kameez with appropriate College trouser and with the College blazer also worn.
Abaya a pupil may wear a plain black Abaya (hoodless only) which should be one piece and have full College uniform worn with it. (College trousers/skirt underneath and College blazer also worn).

Please notify the College in writing that your pupil will be doing this, so that we can keep this confirmation on the pupil’s file.

If you wish your pupil to wear any religious dress that is not covered within the uniform policy, please discuss with the Executive Principal so that an individual written variation to the uniform policy can be considered.

PE Kit

The standard PE kit consists of polo shirt, shorts, socks and trainers for all pupils.  

For certain sports other items such as football boots or gum shields may be required. Your pupil’s teacher will advise you the previous term if this is required. 

Hatcham PE items can be purchased here: https://footballkits.co/product-category/clubscolleges/haberdashers-askes-hatcham-pe/   Please use SE14 for a discount on postage.  




Further requirements 

Polo shirt 

Performance Navy & Sky  PE Polo Shirt 


Performance Navy & Sky P.E Polo Shirt  from Year 8



Performance Navy  & Sky PE Shorts 


Performance Navy & Sky P.E Shorts - from Year 8



Plain black or plain white trainers only 


• Lace up, not Velcro or buckle 


White sports socks when wearing trainers 

Long blue football socks for football/rugby 


• Socks should be ankle length 

• Knee length blue for football/rugby 


Performance Navy & Sky PE Training pants


Performance Navy & Sky P.E Training Pants from year 8

• Comfortable warm fabric for use outdoors in winter weather. 


Performance Navy & Sky PE Zip top 

Performance Navy & Sky P.E Zip Top from year 8

• Plain navy only, no other colours or designs. 


Rain jacket (optional) 

Plain navy Hatcham PE rain jacket 


• Plain navy only, no other colour or designs 

Base layer (optional) 

Plain white, black, blue base layer underneath polo, shorts, joggers 


• Must be a base layer (not tights) 

• Must be worn underneath correct PE clothing 

 A mouthguard is also required when participating in Rugby. 

Coats, outerwear and bags

The following rules for coats, bags and outerwear apply to all Secondary pupils

Item Description Further requirements
Overcoat Dark plain colours only

• Not to be worn inside building.

• No denim, leather, patterns or other colours. Rain hoods on coats may be attached but only worn up in wet weather.

• Safety stripes allowed but no other patterns

Bag Sturdy rucksack style bag • Must be large enough to hold all College books (normally A4 size) and folders.

Winter hats must be plain navy or black only.

Sunhats must be plain navy or white.

• Winter or Sun Hats must not be worn inside the building.

• Baseball caps are not allowed.

• No other headwear is permitted to be worn in the College unless it is for religious reasons or because of medical conditions. In these cases, written confirmation is required from the parent / carer which will be kept on the pupil’s file.


 Students at Hatcham College are expected to arrive well equipped to school each day. It is important that they have the following essential equipment for lessons:

1. A pencil case

2. Two black or blue pens

3. A pencil

4. A 30cm ruler

5. A rubber

6. A pencil sharpener

7. A protractor

8. Pair of Compasses

9. Scientific Calculator (See below)

10. Two highlighters of different colours

11. A glue stick

12. Languages Dictionary for appropriate language

The Maths Faculty recommends the Casio Calculator classwiz models FX-83GTX or FX-85GTX (solar powered) however, the old versions FX85GTplus or FX83GTplus are still perfectly acceptable.

These are all available in stationery shops and supermarkets and will last the student through to their GCSE maths. For students studying art subjects, there is an additional equipment list:

Key Stage 3 Art & Design Essential Equipment Set of sketching Pencils (b/2b/3b/4b/5b/6b) Drawing Pencil Fine Liners

If you are experiencing financial difficulties

If you are experiencing financial difficulties with buying uniform and school equipment, please contact k.wheble@habstrustsouth.org.uk