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College Uniform

The College Outfitter is:

Wearabouts Schoolwear

99 Sydenham Road


SE26 5UA

Tel No | 020 8659 9917

All Students (Years 7-11)


  • School blazer with Haberdashers Crest as supplied by our uniform suppliers.  
  • Blazer must be worn at all times. 
  • Sleeves to be worn at full length as designed. 
  • School issued badges to be worn on blazer. 
  • Buttons should match the blazer colour or be black. 


  • Plain white. 


  • Charcoal Grey Box Pleat. 
  • Skirts must be knee length and not more than 4cm above the knee. 


  • Charcoal Grey. 
  • Formal fit, for example not be boot cut. 
  • Jeans, chinos, washed black, corduroy, jean-like material, high fashion trousers, leggings or shorts are not permitted. 
  • Belts should be plain black with no oversized buckles or clasps. 


  • School Tie only. 


  • Navy V-neck sleeved jumper only. 
  • Jumpers must have the crest and be of the official school material. 
  • Blazers must be worn on top of the jumper. A blazer can be worn without the jumper to remain cool. 


  • Plain black or white if worn with trousers. 
  • Plain white if worn with a skirt. 


  • Plain black tights only (not leggings)


  • Plain black leather (not studded, fabric or casual).
  • Shoes must fully cover toes.
  • Boots, suede shoes and trainers are not permitted. 


  • Plain navy or plain black only. 
  • Denim, leather, patterns or other colours are not permitted
  • Safety stripes are authorised
  • Rain hoods on coats may be attached and worn up in wet weather only
  • Coats must be removed before entering the building campus


  • Only one small pair of plain studs in the ears are permitted (small diamond, gold, silver or pearl studs are acceptable) or small hoops to a maximum of 4mm. 
  • Long earrings, hooped earrings, and facial piercings are not permitted (except one small nose stud) to a maximum of 2mm.
  • Bracelets and rings are not to be worn or attached to clothing. 
  • Necklaces must be tucked away safely.  


  • All hairstyles are permitted, including loose hair, braids, plaits, locs and tied up hair. 
  • Hair (including weaves, wigs and hair clip ins) should only be coloured to natural hair shades. Pink, Green, Purple, Blue or Magenta are not appropriate colours. More than one colour in natural shades is permitted. 


  • If worn, only natural looking make-up is permitted. 
  • Lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow and long false eyelashes are not permitted. 
  • Only natural looking nails and nail polish to be worn. 


  • Plain navy or black only.


  • Winter hats must be plain navy or black only. Woolly hats are permitted to and from school and should be removed before entering the building. 
  • Sunhats must be plain navy or white. Sunhats are permitted to and from the school and at break times, and should be removed before entering the building. 
  • Baseball caps are not allowed. 

Religious Dress

  • Head scarf (if worn for religious reasons). School colours are permitted (e.g. Atlantic Blue, plain navy, black or white only). 
  • Shalwar Kameez (if worn for religious reasons). Plain shalwar kameez in school colours (e.g. Atlantic Blue, plain navy, black and white only) with a school blazer worn on top. 
  • Plain black Abaya (hoodless only) which should be one piece and have full school uniform worn with it (school trousers/skirt underneath and school blazer also worn). 


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Polo shirts

  •  Plain navy polo shirt.


  • Navy mesh or cotton shorts
  • Loose fitting football style shorts, not rugby shorts. 
  • No cycle shorts or other skin-tight fabrics


  • White sports socks


  • Plain black or plain white only. 
  • Trainers must be lace up, not velcro or buckle. 

Football Socks

  • Longer Football socks for outdoor sports in either royal blue or navy blue. 

Football Boots

  • Studded Football boots. 
  • Boots need to have studs. These can be designed for either soft ground (SG) or firm ground (FG). 

Sweatshirt (optional)

  • Schools plain navy sweatshirt. 
  • Haberdashers crest on the left breast. 

Tracksuit Bottoms (optional)

  • Navy tracksuit bottoms for cold weather. 
  • No close-fitting or skin-tight fabrics. 
  • No leggings. 

Waterproof Jacket (optional) 

  • Plain navy jacket for cold weather. 
  • Zip through or pull over
  • Jacket must not have a hood.