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College Uniform

The College Outfitter is:

White Hall Clothiers
Lewisham High Street,

Tel No | 0208 852 8967

All Students (Years 7-11)


  • Navy blue single breasted, with the Academy badge and buttons (buttons may be obtained from the School Office).
  • Blazer must be worn at all times.
  • If students remove pullovers, the blazer must still be worn.


  • Plain white, official Academy style only
  • Academy tie- In House colour (available from White Hall Clothiers and the School Office)

Pullover/Sleeveless Pullover

  • Navy crested blue V-neck or sleeveless jumper


  • Plain black leather (not studded, fabric or casual)
  • Shoes must fully cover the top of the foot
  • No boots (covering ankles)
  • No trainers

Outdoor coats/Rainwear

  • Plain navy or plain black coats, jackets anoraks or parkas
  • No denim, leather or hooded tops, no patterns, insignia or other colour
  • Safety stripes are allowed but no other patterns
  • No hoodies are allowed and will be confiscated
  • These are not to be worn in lessons

Girls (Years 7-11)

Skirt or Trousers

  • Official uniform skirt, dark navy blue (Knee or calf length) 
  • Academy trousers, dark navy blue
  • Both are available from White Hall Clothiers
  • Socks/tights- plain black, white or navy (no patterned tights)

Boys (Years 7-11)


  • Plain mid or dark grey flannel or wool
  • Socks- plain dark or grey flannel or wool

*Please note the Academy expects a smart standard of uniform and requires all students' ties to be worn at six stripes long and shirts to have the top button done up and to be tucked in at all times.


  • Only a watch, one small pair of plain gold or silver studs/sleepers in the ears. Worn at the owner's risk, no other studs, no other jewellery or badges.
  • No facial/body piercing.


  • Hair ribbons, slides, etc. all plain (navy, black or white) one colour only.
  • Small beads of one colour only are allowed.
  • No extreme unkempt hairstyles as these are not appropriate for the Academy.
  • Hair to be natural colour only, smart and business-like


  • No make-up or nail varnish should be worn.
  • No false/acrylic nails.


  • Plain navy blue or black scarf.


  • In winter only, pull-on woolly hats in plain navy or black may be worn to and from the Academy.
  • Baseball caps are not to be worn and will be confiscated if worn.
  • In summer, plain blue/white sun hats or white style cricket hats only may be worn for cricket, or for extended periods of sport.

No other headwear is permitted to be worn in the Academy unless it is for religious reasons or because of a medical condition. In these cases written confirmation is required from a parent/carer which will be kept in the student's file.


Indoor Kit 

  •  Crested white polo shirt
  • Blue mesh/cotton shorts

  • White sports socks

  • White trainers

Outdoor Kit

  • Reversible rugby shirt

  •  Blue mesh/cotton shorts

  •  Royal blue football socks

  •  Football boots (studs



  • Crested tracksuit (can be worn both indoors and outdoors)
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield (these can be brought as and when students have rugby}