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Executive Principal's Welcome

Katie Scott - Executive Principal

Hatcham College is a wonderful school in which students develop into young adults, with all the choices that their education has provided them. Academic achievement is our core purpose, but no less important is the development of character and values that enable Hatcham alumni to reach their full potential and then go out into the world to effect positive change.  

We have the highest of expectations for all our students. This enables us to focus on developing the currency (examination results), character and confidence that they will need to navigate adulthood, to find their place in the world. 

Students at Hatcham College experience an education that is characterised by tradition and innovation. We have an environment with very clear and strict boundaries. This creates an environment that is safe and free from disruption. Students are rewarded for effort, resilience and making positive choices. We recognise that growing up sometimes involves making mistakes, and part of that learning process is having consequences for less than positive choices. We have rewards assemblies every term and an annual Speech Day to recognise effort and attainment. 

Student leadership opportunities are open to all, and our senior prefects play a significant part in the operational running of the school. 

Learning beyond the traditional classroom is incredibly important to us. Enrichment opportunities before and after school are incredibly wide. Everyone reads in silence each day after lunch for ten minutes. There are a huge number of performance opportunities as well as a huge menu of trips and visits. We also have an elective curriculum for Key Stage 3 students in which they choose three courses per year covering academic, sport, creative and volunteering options. 

Aspiring to be the best that you can be is at the heart of all we do. At Hatcham College we believe that it is incredibly important for all students to achieve their academic potential, however a good education is much more than that. We believe that these transferable skills are needed for a successful future, whatever career path students choose to pursue. 


Our aim is to empower young people to transform their lives and those of others. Our school is a happy school whose mission is to promote a love of learning in order that we can Grow, Dream & Create.

Our core beliefs are:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Contribution to the community


Yours faithfully,

Ms Katie Scott, Executive Principal

Haberdashers’ Hatcham College

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