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RSL Level 3 Music Practitioners (Subsidiary and Extended Diplomas)


Why choose this course:

This course would appeal to anyone interested in studying performing, composition, contextual studies, music technology or a mixture of these. Modern disciplines are studied which related directly to careers in television, radio, film or gaming. Alternatively, students can opt to follow a more traditional study pathway with composition, performance, and music studies. The ability to mix pathways means that students can study the aspects of the subject that inspire them, from the traditional to how the industry is organised today through to technological pathways. During the RSL course there are trips to studios and workshops with artists.

The Subsidiary Diploma is worth one A-Level and the Extended Diploma is worth three A-Levels. Students achieving Distinction* for their RSL Subsidiary Diploma gain 84 UCAS points which is the equivalent to 1.5 x A* at A Level. Students achieving a Distinction for their RSL Subsidiary Diploma gain 72 UCAS points which is the equivalent to 1.5 x A at A Level.

'RSL (Rockschool Limited) brings together the leading names in Contemporary Arts. We are a global, specialist awarding body. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the sectors we work in, and the quality and integrity of the qualifications we award. The world is full of musicians and performers who are keen to hone their skills and we are here to support them.'

Course fundamentals:

Students specialise in one of four areas in their final assessments:

  • The Music Industry
  • Mixing and Mastering/Engineering
  • Performance
  • Composition

However, students can choose to mix areas in their option units. Students can choose from hundreds of combinations of units and follows a tailor-made course. Learn how to mix your own beats, or record like a BBC engineer on the Technology Pathway; concentrate on contemporary performance without having to worry about set works or theory on the performance pathway; or mirror A Level content and focus on classical works in performance, theory and composition; write your own EP in the composition pathway, or learn how to score for film and TV (notation and theory is optional); or discover what makes the UK music industry one of the largest exporters and find out about jobs in publications, artists and repertoire and labels in the music industry pathway. All students take a unit examining the music industry in the UK, and a second year unit based on their chosen pathway. For students studying performance, free individual instrumental lessons will be taught in-house by our music team.

 Examinations / Assessments:

  • There is no written exam. Students are graded in work carried out throughout the year.

Distinction* RSL Subsidiary Diploma = 84 UCAS points = equivalent to 1.5 x A* at A Level

Distinction RSL Subsidiary Diploma = 72 UCAS points = equivalent to 1.5 x A at A Level

Merit RSL Subsidiary Diploma = 48 UCAS points = equivalent to 1 x A at A Level

Pass RSL Subsidiary Diploma = 24 UCAS points = equivalent to 1 x D at A Level


Distinction* RSL Extended Diploma = 168 UCAS points = equivalent to 3 x A* at A Level

Distinction RSL Extended Diploma = 144 UCAS points = equivalent to 3 x A at A Level

Merit RSL Extended Diploma = 96 UCAS points = equivalent to 3 x C at A Level

Pass RSL Extended Diploma = 48 UCAS points = equivalent to 3 x E at A Level


The Music Department runs a large number of different ensembles and organizes a huge number of events to cater for a variety of musical interests.

Core Ensembles

  • String Orchestra
  • Symphonic Wind Band
  • Senior Choir
  • Vocal Consort
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Intermediate Choir
  • Intermediate Orchestra
  • Swing Band

Small Ensembles

  • Barbershop Quartet
  • Clarinet & Flute Ensembles
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Percussion Group
  • String Quartet

Events and Activities

  • GLA Service of remembrance at City Hall
  • Christmas Concert at Goldsmiths College
  • Carol Service in Southwark Cathedral
  • Spring & Summer Concerts
  • School Musical Production
  • Visits to concerts and workshops in London
  • National Festival of Music for Youth Tours abroad (Barcelona in 2016)


Please contact Mr Taing, Head of Music 2iC, with any questions.