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Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Miss K Harvey Head of Religious Studies, Philosophy & PSHE
Miss A Qamar Teacher of Religious Studies
Mr S Thompson Teacher of Religious Studies and Philosophy

Religious Studies is an exploration of today's world through comparative religion, theology, philosophy, anthropology and ethics.

Key Stage 3

Religious Studies (RS) looks at a wide range of religious, ethical and philosophical questions and explores how they are addressed by the six main world faiths. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate the impact of religious beliefs and practices on individuals and society. The intention in KS3 RS is to develop knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs, values and traditions, whilst at the same time considering a wide range of ethical and philosophical issues and thereby developing important critical thinking, evaluative and analytical skills. 

Year 7

  • Introduction to religion, philosophy and ethics
  • Setting the scene for the Messiah: An introduction to Jewish beliefs and practices
  • Was Jesus the Messiah? An introduction to Christian beliefs and practices
  • What can Islam teach us about faith in practice? An introduction to Islamic beliefs and practices
  • Where did we come from? A religious and scientific investigation into creation stories

Year 8

  • What can Hinduism teach us about how we are connected to the universe? An introduction to Hindu beliefs and practices
  • What can Buddhism teach us about how to deal with suffering? An introduction to Buddhist beliefs and practices
  • What can Sikhism teach us about charity and selflessness? An introduction to Sikh beliefs and practices
  • How should we treat others? An ethical and religious introduction to social justice and human rights
  • What is the importance and purpose of family for religious people? An ethical and religious introduction to relationships and family

Year 9

  • What happens when we die? An ethical and philosophical introduction to matters of life and death
  • Who or what is God? An investigation into the nature of God and prophethood
  • Is violence ever acceptable? An ethical exploration of crime, punishment, peace and conflict

Key Stage 4

GCSE Religious Studies plays a key role in developing students’ understanding of the increasingly diverse and globalised world around us. The course aims to equip students with a sound knowledge and understanding of people’s values, beliefs and cultures as well as the most pressing and important ethical issues of our time. From the morality of cloning to the ethics of marriage and divorce, GCSE RS covers numerous issues concerning both religious and secular society. Students will study the AQA specification A: Christianity and Islam.

Component 1: The Study of religions: beliefs, teachings and practices

  • Beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity
  • Beliefs, teachings and practices of Islam

    Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes

    50% of GCSE

Component 2: Thematic Studies

  • Relationships and family
  • Religion and life
  • Religion, peace and conflict
  • Religion, human rights and social justice

    Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes

    50% of GCSE

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