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Scholarships and Bursaries

The Haberdashers' Advantage 

We instil a ‘can-do’ attitude in our students within the supportive environment we call ‘the Haberdashers’ Advantage’:

  • outstanding A-level outcomes over many years
  • award-winning careers guidance and mentoring
  • alumni network
  • scholarships and bursaries for university entrants
  • unique work experience opportunities in the City
  • dedicated support for those applying for medical places and Oxbridge
  • school leadership roles and a range of house, sporting, charity fundraising events
  • the leading local provider for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
  • overseas trips, including in recent years to New York, Spain, Italy, Greece and Peru
  • A-level Mindset programme
  • Year 11 into 12 transition programme

University scholarships and bursaries for our sixth formers

With university tuition fees at £9250 a year, many graduates leave university with a significant student loan to pay back once they start work. One of the least –known advantages of studying at Hatcham College is the generous long-term financial support given by the Haberdashers’ Company to hardworking students once they set off to university.

Among the scholarships and bursaries awarded are: AkzoNobel Science scholarships of £2000 a year every year while studying, University Arts bursaries of £1000 a year for up to 4 years, Cochrane Scholarships of £1000 a year for up to 5 years, the Jeston Scholarship of £1000 each year, and Centenary Awards of £1000.

Access to these scholarships and bursaries is unique to our sixth form in this part of London and reflects the unique advantage of studying with us, whether you are already a student at Hatcham College or you are thinking of joining us from another school.

Head Boy Kuda Chani with members of the Haberdashers’ Company at the 2018 Speech DayAt our Speech Day on Wednesday 27th June, the following Year 13 leavers were among those who received generous scholarships and bursaries: Rahim, Massi, Roqibat, Gloria, Rebecca, John, Kimberly, Ayo, Megan, Naomi, Amber and Olivia. Well done to them! Overall, 50 awards and prizes were awarded just to Year 13, from the Haberdashers’ sponsorship listed above, and special prizes such as the Harvard Book Prize and Husnu Award, to subject prizes such as the Treloar Prize for Physics and the Norris Prize for Maths.

We look forward to welcoming you to our sixth form and the unique advantages it offers.