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Meet Rebeka

 Hatcham Sixth Form has given me the opportunity to achieve my dreams and ambitions. The amazingly supportive teachers have helped me all the way through my education.

Meet rebeka, an aspiring Oxbridge medic student. She talks about why she chose to stay at Hatcham College and what makes her proud of her Sixth Form.

What subjects are you studying and what do you want to do after A-levels?

I am currently studying Maths, History, Chemistry and Biology. I am aiming to go to university to study medicine. It is something that I set my heart on from a very young age. I really want to help people.


Why did you choose to stay at Hatcham Sixth Form?

My journey here in Hatcham has started since primary school and I've enjoyed every moment there. Hatcham Sixth Form has helped me to achieve my dreams and ambitions with programmes and amazingly supportive teachers who have helped me all the way through my education. For example, I am part of 'The Medicine Society' which has helped me in gaining knowledge on applications and interview practice as well as doing virtual work experiences that our teacher has recommended. You will always have full support from the college into whatever path you're taking after Sixth Form.  


What makes you most proud of Hatcham Sixth Form?

Definitely the variety of opportunities and awards the school offers, such as Lewisham University challenge; a programme that supports students in Lewisham with their applications to Oxbridge universities which I am very proud to be part of this programme. Also, we are fortunate to have a Reading Room where we can do our independent study during our free time, a place where we can reflect with our learning and have more time with going over previous topics. Societies are also available here at the College such as Medicine Society, Drama Society, History lecture club and many more other societies.


What would you say to anyone thinking of applying to Hatcham Sixth Form?

Go for it! You've got nothing to lose. You will have the opportunity to achieve your goals here and you'll have the full support of the college. The school also provides many career opportunities whether your considering going into medicine, finance, IT and many more sectors.  

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